Our solutions-focused interventions are based on frameworks that; have immediate impact, foster transformative change, and support durable resolutions.

Conflict intervention

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1.5 hours - Online Available

Mediation - Intake

 The first step in the Mediation process is for each person involved to privately meet with the Mediator, a netural third party. This allows for each person to discuss their concerns with the Mediator, explore what they would like to achieve, and ensure confidence in the Mediation process. The Mediator holds National Accreditation and expertise in managing confidential and highly emotive matters with empathy and respect.

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Mediation - Joint Session

Mediation is a time efficient and cost effective process to open communication, address issues,  and reach resolution. The Mediator assists two of more people engage in a confidential discussion and provides the opportunity to rebuild trust and restore relationships.  The Mediator documents any resolution reached and provides de-briefing to participants.

1 Hour Sessions - Online Available

CINERGY Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching is a one-on-one specilised service designed to improve conflict management capabilities according to the client's individual goal. The powerful process reflects the coaches expertise in executive coaching, conflict management and neuroscience.  Assessment tools can also be used as part of the coaching process.  Sessions can be provided face-to-face or online.